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Get your very own muse here. No money down. You'd be crazy to past up such a deal.

My short story, FEED YOU MUSE, appears in CALIFORNIA SCREAMIN', a horror anthology edited by Danielle Kaheaku with a forward by Jonathon Maberry.



TILL DEATH DO US PART, my short story of a lost love rediscovered in the wasteland can be read in this issue of Kzine 27.


Horror is a dish best served with popcorn

My b-movie story DON'T YOU JUST LOVE HORROR? is scheduled for publication in the 2020 December issue of COSMIC HORROR MONTHLY








Coming in 2021 from Pavor Press

Note: Due to pandemic problems, my publisher has folded up shop. I'm again seeking an agent or publisher.

Beware of demigods bearing gifts.

Other than for his immediate family, wilderness artist Clay Middleton prefers rattlesnakes, cacti, and coyotes to the company of people. But when shape-shifting chimeras abduct his ten-year-old grandson, Clay must abandon his solitary ways if he wishes to see the boy again. Now, aided by a magic stone and a gregarious, young paranormal investigator, Clay risks everything to rescue the boy in a race across parallel apocalyptic Earths where a mad demigod’s promises of immortality have gone horrifically awry.

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Feed Your Muse by R.W. Goldsmith was a tasty tale of satiating the source of talent, somewhat leaning toward a Feed me Seymour kind of outcome, cold silly, like a Tales From the Darkside episode.

Unnerving Magazine Review


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R W Goldsmith is the clever pen name of Richard W Goldsmith who is me. I first became interested in writing back in the 90s when I was part of a wild-west re-enactor and stunt competition team in Southern California. As we were in need of original western scripts, I gave writing a shot as well as directing.

Long story short, a state championship and a heart attack later, I began writing my first novel and have been writing ever since. I occasionally take breaks from novel writing to indulge in short stories.

My novel, The Serpents of Eden, a post-apocalyptic dark fantasy is scheduled for publication by Pavor Press in 2021.

I'm presently serving as president of the San Diego chapter of the Horror Writers Association.


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